Some Lessons I learned in 2015

Hi All,

Today I am going to be sharing with you lessons that I learned during 2015. I hope you enjoy and that these lessons give you things to ponder on as we are in the New Year. Happy 2016 everyone!

  1. I learned to take a big and bold leap for Christ when after much prayer I decided to sign up for a missions trip to Ecuador. I signed up for a missions trip filled with teams of people I did not know because I knew God would take care of me.

    2. I learned that even when I have no physical strength, God will give me strength. The first day of my missions trip I got extremely sick. I felt awful, and because of my sickness, I had great anxiety. Even though my body was fragile, and I was unable to eat most foods due to stomach illness, God lifted me up and gave me great joy and strength. I was sick the entire time, but God never failed to keep me strong. Without Him, I would have been unable to do anything.

    3. I learned to branch myself out in social situations with confidence. Yes, I am going to talk about Ecuador again, but during my trip since I came in knowing nobody, I had to branch out. I am typically more on the side of being an introvert so this trip was risky for me. I threw myself into a place where a lot of the people there were already connected with others on the trip. God blessed me with amazing friendships on that trip. People showed me such love as I was struggling. We had the best time serving God together. Now, I feel much more confident in social settings. I am confident in myself because the Lord is my Rock.

    4. I learned more about time management. I started my first semester of college classes in the fall of 2015. I had to discover ways to balance my college work with my homeschooling, extracurricular activities, and social times. I began a detailed planner and made lists to help me keep on track.

    5. I learned more about the career I want to go into. I have known for a few years now that I want to be in the medical field. As of a year or so I decided I wanted to be a nurse. This past fall I have been exploring the field of midwifery. I had the opportunity to volunteer in a woman’s center and see pregnant patients at their appointments. I wrote a pretty hefty research paper for my college composition course this semester which is all about midwifery. I have learned a ton about the field which has increased my desire for this career.

    6. I learned more about being patient with myself and slowing down. Sometimes things won’t come as easily as hoped, but that is okay. I’ve poured my heart into new things like calligraphy, ballroom dancing, and sewing this past year. Learning them is a process. I have to realize that some things take a lot of work, patience, and slow steady practice, but the final product of that work will be amazing. I am used to working at marathon speed. I try to get everything done quickly but precisely. With calligraphy, you cannot be fast and precise. You have to calmly stroke up, then stroke down for each letter. When I speed up the letters become sloppier and sloppier. I have also learned this in my spiritual life. I cannot keep going through at top speed. If I do that then how am I going to spend quiet time with the Lord? He calls us to come and rest in Him. I have been reminded of how important this time of peace with Him is throughout this year.

  2. I have learned that sometimes I have to say no. I can’t do everything and anything. I need to make sure that I do not overbook myself. I have so many interests and friends who want to meet, but sometimes I need to focus on myself, my time with God, and what I can handle.

Thank you all for reading this post! Be sure to check my blog next week for an exciting collaboration. I hope you have a blessed week.


In Christ’s Love,



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