Living A Beautiful Life (ft. Gretchen Saffles)


Hello Everyone,

I am thrilled to be able to feature Gretchen Saffles, the creator of Life Lived Beautifully, on my blog today. Life Lived Beautifully is a ministry for women of all ages. Gretchen, along with the rest of her team, work together to produce Bible studies, journals, and other products which point women to the Lord and encourage them in their faith walks. Today, I asked Gretchen to share what living a beautiful life looks like to her, and how the way we live our lives can influence others. May this post inspire you to serve the Lord wholeheartedly and daily. Without further delay, let us take a look at what Gretchen had to say in response to my interview questions.

  1. What does a life that is lived beautifully look like to you?

A life lived beautifully is centered around making much of Jesus. A woman who lives her life beautifully daily takes up her cross to follow Him. She works hard with her hands for His glory, doing even the most menial, mundane task with joy. She serves others willingly, bending low to care for the needy and help those around her. She lives on purpose, and her deepest hope is in the life that Christ has already purchased for her on the cross. A life that is lived beautifully is always about Jesus, only Jesus, and in living for Him, this woman truly grasps what life is all about.

  1. Could you name your favorite female character in the Bible who lived a beautiful life for God and why is she your favorite?

Growing up, I found myself reading the book of Ruth over and over again. There was something captivating about this woman of God. She left her home to go to a new place, and God met her there. He provided for her in ways beyond her imagination. Ruth’s story is a tapestry of grace. I used to read about her and lift her up to a place higher than she deserved. She is a human just like you and me. It wasn’t until years later that God opened my eyes to see the true story lying beneath. The book of Ruth is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through her life, her loss, her brokenness, her willingness, and her ultimate love story with Boaz, our Savior would eventually come. Jesus is from the lineage of Ruth and Boaz. How incredible is that? Ruth’s life is beautiful because she trusted God to provide for her every need. She was willing to bend down low, to lay down her pride, and to leave what was comfortable for the unexpected. And that is just where God met her, in the unexpected place of a field of grace. That is why Ruth is my favorite woman of the Word. I long for my life, every thread of it, to point to Jesus.

  1. Why did you create Life Lived Beautifully?

Life Lived Beautifully began as a tiny seed that God planted in my heart years ago. I’ve always dreamed of doing women’s ministry. I wrote it down several times in my journals, but the vision God had placed in my heart seemed too big, too crazy to ever happen. When He called me to start Life Lived Beautifully in 2013, never would I have dreamed it would grow to reach women with the Gospel all over the world. At first I thought it might be a way for me to worship Him through creativity. Little did I know, God would take me on a wild journey to learning that He is faithful, and He sometimes calls us to do crazy things for His glory. The purpose of Life Lived Beautifully is to point women of all ages to Jesus. We are not defined by what we do, what pant size we wear, the dreams we have, or the things we accomplish—we are defined by Christ. I long for women to know this and will spend my days sharing, writing, and creating to point them to the only One Who will satisfy their hearts.

  1. What are ways that other women can glorify God daily?

Nancy Leigh DeMoss once said, “The Christian life is not about all the things we do for God—it’s about being loved by Him, loving Him in return, and walking in intimate union and communion with Him.” I love this quote because I realize my tendency to want to earn God’s favor by doing all the right things and checking off a to-do list. Glorifying God begins in the secret. It begins in the quiet moments we spend alone with Him, seeking Him over this world. As we are filled up with God’s promises and grace, we then go forward and share it with the world. Another way we can glorify God daily is to worship Him through our actions, our work, and our dreams. He is worthy of our worship in all things and at all times. This is where true joy is found in the life of a believer!

  1. Your most recent Bible study “Planted” is about having deeply rooted faith being watered by Christ through Bible study and Christian disciplines. How does your regular quiet time guide you in living a beautiful, fragrant, and God glorifying life?

The Life Lived Beautifully study, Planted, goes back to the basics of the life of a believer. As disciples of Christ, our lives should look different than this world. Abundance is found when we surrender and order our steps around the law of the Lord that brings life to our souls and purpose to our days! One of the most important things we could do each day is to spend time in the Word of God, resting in His presence, eating truth, and getting to know the Lord more intimately. Time with Jesus changes everything about who we are. It guides and directs our steps, redeems and restores our lives, and instills a gospel-centered purpose in our days!

  1. Do you think that the way you live your life has and can have an influence on others? If so how?

Absolutely. No matter who you are, you have influence. In some way your actions are influencing those around you. Whether it be younger siblings, friends, a spouse, or a child, our decisions affect the world around us. It is important that we desire to reflect Christ in all we say and do and that our lives are living arrows pointing to the cross. The question is not “do I have influence?”, but rather “how are my decisions, dreams, words, and actions influencing those around me?” We should seek to be pointing people to Christ at all times!

  1. What are your suggestions for women who are struggling with how to glorify God in their school places or work atmospheres?

Don’t look to your ability, but to your God Who can do the impossible. He is at work within you, and He will continue to work in and through you (Phil. 1:6). All you are called to do is to love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Leave the rest with Him. You will glorify Him through your love, devotion, and delight. And He will do the rest. He will write your story for His glory. He will be magnified in and through you. What you do matters to the kingdom of God. No matter how small, behind the scenes, or mundane your daily tasks may feel, they matter to God. Work wholeheartedly for HIS glory. Seek to know Him in all you do. Treasure His Word above the words of man. And delight in the presence of your Savior as you work, study, serve, and live.


Thank you all for reading this blog post. Please be sure to go check out Life Lived Beautifully at their website here . Also, thank you Gretchen for joining me on my blog to share your heart with my viewers. I hope that you found this post encouraging and that it has inspired you to ask God for guidance in living a beautifully fragrant life for Him. I hope you have a blessed rest of your week, and I will see you back on my blog next Friday.

Signed with God’s Love,



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