If Christians Were Punctuation Marks


Hi All,

This blog post is an opportunity to take a look at where you heart lies with God. I decided to take punctuation and correlate them with different types of Christians. Each personality and depth of faith has a chance to grow and has its faults. Enter this post with an open mind and see what God has to reveal to you about your faith walk. You may not fall into one particular category; you may be a mixture of multiple categories. If Christians were punctuation marks which one would you be? Let’s find out.

  1. The Period: This is the way it is Christian- If you are a Period type Christian you desire finality and take things quite literally. You’re not yet ready to dig deeper into the understanding of truth. The seed has been planted in your heart but has not fully sprouted yet. It may seem like when people raise their hands in worship or cry during prayer, they are over exaggerating. It doesn’t make sense to you now but don’t worry; if you pray for God to open your heart more to His truth, all will become clearer. Have a willingness to go deeper than what is on the surface and to take a step further into faith.
  2. The Question Mark: The Christian yearning for truth- If you are a question mark Christian, you have plenty of questions that you desire answers for. Your heart is desperately craving truth in a way that you’ve never felt for anything else. You are trying to dig below the surface and start taking meat instead of only milk. You may not fully understand some of the things believers do or certain concepts in the Bible, but your heart is in the correct spot. If this is you, please keep up the questions and ask a Pastor, church leader, or strong Christian you can trust about it. Don’t feel as if your questions are stupid. Church leaders will more than gladly offer encouragement and answers for you. If they don’t have an immediate answer for you, they will pray over it and try and get back to you. Questioning is a wonderful thing.
  3. The Comma: The sensitive Christian- If you are a comma Christian, you are extremely thoughtful and in tune to the feelings of other Christians. You may be seen as quiet, but those who know you know that you are filled with wisdom from God and opinions on every conversation even if you don’t say it. You serve other people without them even knowing it. You are modest and humbly glorify God. You are deeply rooted in your faith and are constantly spending time with the Lord through His Word and through prayer. You are a prayer warrior, and people always come to you for advice and comfort. You are the person who is extremely expressive in prayer and worship. You speak with eloquence and beauty. You prefer socializing in smaller groups with closer interaction, and you are a genuine person. You mentor many people who are older and younger than you. If this is you keep at it and continue to follow God’s path for you. You are greatly appreciated and respected by other Christians who know you. You may not have courage to always share your faith, but your heart is in the right direction. If you continue to follow God’s guidance, He will take away your fear and give you voice.
  4. The Colon: The Christian who likes order- If you are the colon you more than likely are organized and you tend to spend time with God when your life is in order. When chaos comes around you flee. You prefer your own ways and haven’t fully surrendered your life to Christ. A true sign of faith is when you give up your stubborn will to God and allow Him to take over. You must learn that your way is not the best for you. God’s plans are perfect and superior to your own. You can’t fix your life. Remember that what seems purposeless to you is actually filled with God’s purpose. You’re not supposed to understand it, but you are supposed to accept it.
  5. The Exclamation Mark: The passionate and expressive Christian- If you are the exclamation mark Christian then that means you are bold in your faith and are extremely open with others about what God has done for you. You may come across as too enthusiastic or overzealous to unbelievers or beginning Christians, but you don’t care because you are so in love with Jesus. You go to all the church events and absolutely enjoy the fellowship with other Christians. Without socializing in groups of likeminded individuals, you would probably be a depressed mess. You talk a lot but may not always be the best listener; however, you certainly have plenty of wisdom to offer. Fellow Christians are most likely drawn to you and delight in your company. You are one of the first people to volunteer when a need arises. You have an insanely busy life because you are always helping out someone new or discipling others. If this is you, keep up that fire for God and remember to listen to others as well as offer your opinions.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope that God used this post to take the blinders off your eyes as you look at where you are in faith. I’m definitely interested to hear where you fall or what combo of personalities you are. Please if you feel like it, comment below on this post or comment on my Facebook post. I hope you have a blessed week, and I’ll see you again next Sunday for another though provoking post.

In Christ’s Love,



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